Can my data be viewed by Arcano?
No, all data is encrypted in your browser and then transferred to our servers. The decryption also takes place in your browser.
How long are my encrypted data stored at Arcano
By default, received and sent data is available for 10 days.Afterwards the encrypted data is irrevocably deleted.
Which connection or metadata is being stored?
We do not implement explicit tracking of connection or metadata ourselves.Information that has to be retained by law or is required for billing purposes, will be stored by the server infrastructure provider (currently: Swisscom https://developer.swisscom.com/terms).
Has Arcano been professionally audited?
The audit is currently underway. We have provided all source code.Once we have the results, the report will be published on the Arcana Website
What other security measures exist?
Arcano was designed with security as the main target. Arcano is daily checked for all known vulnerabilities automatically. Should a security breach compromise the integrity of the If data security is threatened, we reserve the right to take Arcano out at short notice
Who is behind Arcano?
Arcano, respektive codefour GmbH ist eine Gesellschaft und zu 100% im Besitz der Gesellschafter. Die Rechtsform einer GmbH sichert, dass nicht unbemerkt fremde Investoren die Kontrolle über das Tool übernehmen können.
Why was Arcano developed
Because we think that secure data transmission to Professional secret holders in particular and secret communication between everyone in particular is a fundamental right.
Which requests from legal authorities are answered?
Currently there are no inquiries from legal authorities.
Do you support 2-factor authentication?
In order to increase security, we support 2-FA. This can be activated in the settings.
Why does Firefox not ask me where I want to save my Download?
Different Firefox Addons can affect the functionality of Arcano. Please try using Arcano in a private window or reset Firefox to its default configuration.
Where is the data stored?
We store all data in Switzerland, currently in the Swisscom Cloud. The data is encrypted and we can't access it, no matter where they are stored.
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