Dipl. Ing. ETH Niklaus Schulz
Dipl. Ing. ETH Niklaus Schulz (CEO)
Niklaus Schulz is an engineer with the goal of continuous improvement and growth. Successful activity in various companies as project owner, CTO and CEO in the fields of medical devices and manufacturing technologies.
Lic. iur. Gregor Münch
Lic. iur. Gregor Münch (CPO)
Gregor is a member of the Swiss Bar Association's expert group on digitalization. As a lawyer, he is primarily active in criminal law. Furthermore, he is the organizer of the continuing education event "Digitization of Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law" and partner of the Zurich law firm D32.
Kim Nik Baumgartner
Kim Nik Baumgartner (CTO)
Kim is active at Arcano as Chief Technical Officer. Arcano is the first company he co-founded.
Lic. iur. Simon Schnetzler
Lic. iur. Simon Schnetzler (CLO)
Simon is a partner in the law firm Barbier Habegger Rödl Rechtsanwälte AG, and previously worked as a lawyer - most recently as a partner - in several commercial law firms, providing advice to companies in the areas of data protection, corporate as well as contract law.

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