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How it works

3 easy steps for your secure transfer

  • Swiss Made

    Upload your files

    Upload on the go
    Integrated widget for your website
  • Swiss Made

    On-device encryption

    Strong cryptography
    Unrivalled security
  • Swiss Made

    Share files

    No client login required
    Limit access


True end-to-end encryption.

Your data will never leave your browser unencrypted!

On-device encryption and decryption

The whole encryption and decryption happens on your device, not on our server. Audited by world renowned cryptographers.

Only you have access to the data

End-to-end encryption means that all your data is encrypted and decrypted in your browser on your machine. We have never access to any of it.

Simply send and receive files.

Exchange files with your clients in a breeze

Embed our Upload Widget in your website

By integrating our Upload Widget directly into your website, your clients can upload files to you easily.

No client login required

Your client does not need any setup or registration.

Share personal upload site

In addition to integrating our Upload Widget into your website, you may also just share your personal upload link and rest assured that only you will receive the uploaded files.

Encrypted data

Privacy by Design

We will never sell or give away your data. Since everything is encrypted, we can't anyway.

GDPR Compliant

Our privacy standards are GDPR Compilant and transparent. Your privacy is our top priority.

Zero knowledge

We store as little information as possible. And if ever possible we encrypt this too. We do not need to know anything about your data.
Data Protection under Swiss Law

Developed and Hosted in Switzerland

Since all data and files are stored on Swiss Servers, your data is protected by Swiss Law.
Tresorit Send
Swiss Transfer
End-to-end encryption
Send and receive files
Embed Arcano in your website
Passphrase protection
Control access of your files
Burn after reading
Contact verification
Hosted in Switzerland
Upload from Camera
Archive files


Arcano has specially been made for professional secret carriers.

Data Protection under Swiss Law


Arcano helps you to exchange large files with your client. Nobody except you and your client can access the data and we do not have any records of your client relationship.
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Data Protection under Swiss Law


Exchange sensitive data with your clients over Arcano and make sure nobody can access the data. Offer your clients an convenient way to send you data.
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Data Protection under Swiss Law

Healthcare Professionals

Medical records and medical data should be protected all the time. Even very large files can be exchanged easily and securely.
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We believe that Arcano is characterized by simplicity of use and high-quality security 'made in Switzerland'.

Miro Mayer


Pick your plan

All packages include:
  • End-to-end encrypted file transfers
  • Website integration
  • Administrative control


per month
billed annually
  • Send up to 2 GB
  • Keep files for 7 days
  • 10GB Storage


10 CHF
per user / per month
billed annually
  • Send up to 5 GB
  • Keep files indefinitely
  • 100GB Storage
  • Multiple users in one subscription


20 CHF
per user / per month
billed annually
  • Send up to 50 GB
  • Keep files indefinitely
  • 1000GB Storage
  • Multiple users in one subscription
  • Share files between users
Contact us for a custom quote if you have other requirements:
  • e.g. Private Cloud, On-Premise,
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Custom domain

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