Feature Comparison

End-to-end encryption Yes! Yes! Yes!
Zero-knowledge system design Yes! Yes! Yes!
Website integration Yes! Yes! Yes!
Max. transfer size 2GB 5GB 50GB
Max. number of files per transfer 100 1000 5000
File expiry 7 days Indefinitely Indefinitely
Storage 10 GB 100 GB 1000 GB
Share files with others via encrypted links Yes! Yes! Yes!
Early access termination / Revoke Download Link Yes! Yes! Yes!
Automatic destruction of uploaded files after download Yes! Yes! Yes!
Contact verification to securely identify sender and recipient Yes! Yes! Yes!
Hosted in Switzerland Yes! Yes! Yes!
Email Notification Yes! Yes! Yes!
Outlook Add-In Coming soon Yes! Yes! Yes!
Multiple users in one subscription No Yes! Yes!
Integration support No Yes! Yes!
Passphrase for your file transfers No Yes! Yes!
Premium support No No Yes!
Share files within your organization No No Yes!
Secure client space Coming soon No No Yes!
File version history Coming soon No No Yes!
Upload / download page customizations Coming soon No No Yes!
Priority resolution support No No Yes!
Training sessions No No Yes!
Custom infrastructure deployments No No Yes!