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Send and receive large files easily and securely with true end-to-end encryption.

Integrate our secure file transfer widget on your website. For a secure upload from your customers to you

Developed and operated in Switzerland.

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Enable your clients to send you files in a simple and secure way directly through the browser.
No need to register or setting up a client account.
Don't take a risk with sending client or other personal data

Receiving files is easy - Sending files is just half the story

With Arcano receiving files becomes as simple as sending them.

You can integrate our Upload Widget directly in your website, letting your clients uploading files to you in a breeze.

The easiest way is to share your personal upload link with your clients. With this link, your partner can just drop you some files directly into your received files folder.

BTW: People sending you files do not need to register for Arcano - let's keep it simple

Swiss Made
Swiss Made

True end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption means that all your data is encrypted and decrypted in your browser on your machine.

We have never access to any of it.

Developed and Hosted in Switzerland

All our servers are hosted in Swiss datacenters. All our developers are based in Zurich.
Swiss Made
Expect the highest security for your file transfers. Do not send important files with Email.
Feature Email WeTransfer Tresorit Send Swiss Transfer Dropbox
End-to-end encryption
Send and receive files
Embed a custom upload button onto your own website
Passphrase protection
Early access termination / Revoke Download Link
Automatic destruction of uploaded files after download
Contact verification to securely identify sender and recipient
Hosted in Switzerland
Archive files



1 GB transfer volume
10 transfers / per month
  • End-to-end encrypted file transfers
  • Private, non-commercial use only
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7.50 CHF

per user / per month
billed monthly
  • Up to 10 users, Unlimited transfers
  • 5 GB Archive storage, Website integration*
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  • e.g. Private Cloud, On-Premise,
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